1:21 AM | Author: Koa
It is important to read this before viewing any of the videos or reading the survival guide. Since I hsve made these DVDs and written the survival guide, I have learned that all species in a particular family are not edible, because they simply have not done the studies. Even if some survival guides say they are, it is still controversial. Therefore, please disregard the statements I have made that all plants in a species are edible. Be sure to positively identify any plant before you eat it. If in doubt, put it to the edibility test, which is on Walk Softly 2. Only eat small amounts of any plant in these videos, to see how your body reacts. Children should have parental guidance under 15, when viewing these videos.

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On February 8, 2015 at 2:22 AM , Katherine Handley said...

Hi Koa,
Would love to meet you and get my daughter to learn bush tucker from you if you are still showing kids about native foods!
Just watched a DVD by you, absolutely loved it :) thank you for sharing